The city life is thriving and dictating its terms. A thing that one could live without yesterday, becomes a norm today. Living in Prestige Hall residential complex means always having everything you need or wish at hand. On ground floors of buildings will house: boutiques, restaurant, coffee shop, notary, bank, laundry service, pharmacy, medical station, and kindergarten will be located on ground floors of the buildings for the convenience of residents.

Especially for children infrastructure of the residential complex will include a private kindergarten. Cozy home-like atmosphere is inviting for children to communicate, play and learn with peers.

The best specialists develop the landscape design of the territory adjacent to buildings. On the brink of the complex colorful flowerbed, well-groomed lawn and shiny cleanness will meet you.

Trees and shrubs are picturesquely located around a small fountain and create an atmosphere of wellbeing and comfort.

Own management company keeps an order, 24h security, advanced security and fire alarm and video control systems installed in each building ensures safety of all the residents.

Local lighting of the facade and internal territory of the complex in the evening plays not only decorative, but also functional role.

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